I realized a few days ago as I was attending Dragon Con for my 8th year (I missed a few) that it has been 10 years since my first introduction to the convention world. 10 years of cons. That’s alot of funky colored carpet under my feet. It has been an almost rock star level experience at times and a soul crushing pit of sadness at others. A con is a microcosm of human emotion, dreams, hopes, friends, enemies, fans and icons, art and beauty, passion, love, sexuality, & creativity. Rich, poor, and all in between from every walk of life, congregating peacefully (mostly) under their own free will. Unlike any other place you’ll find on earth, it is a community with its own rules. An inside secret among the adult social experience. In the next few months I am going to start a series of digital tales called “10 Years of Cons”. I’m going to go back and start at the beginning and highlight some of our most interesting convention experiences. And there are so many to choose from.

A new project fromGirls Of The Con. “10 Years of Cons” will start with our first convention 10 years ago and document to the best of my memory and my photo bank can recall, the experience of this road we’ve been on. I think it may be enlightening and entertaining and even heartbreaking at times. Not going to pull any punches. Some names will be changed to protect the innocent and the not so innocent alike. 🙂

A con reality tale through the eyes of a newb and his first con to all the way to two friends renting out the Hard Rock Velvet Underground  during the largest fan convention on the east coast to celebrate how far they had come with help from hundreds of their closest friends.
Calendar shoots, huge hotel room parties, mermaid gatherings, chocolate chip cookies, door knockers, going up to go down, rum buckets, fighting homeless at 4am, getting kicked out of bars, zombie walks, celebrity encounters of the close kind….and more.
Stay tuned for the first installment “The Mothership” coming soon. “Ten Years of Cons” will be available on our website for digital download. Snippets of each episode will be available in the news & events section of our blog. We hope you’ll enjoy our tale.

Jason L. Bohannon.
Girls Of The Con