Mary Kate Smith is a Graduate Student in Aerospace Engineer at Mississippi State University. AIAA active member since 2009. Space Cowboys Rocket design Team since 2010. Space Enthusiast. Costumer.Goes by Inga Knarrarrbringa on the weekends and is a Heavy fighter in the SCA. Lover of all things Henson, Bowie, Comics (Especially Marvel), Hockey, Nerd culture. An avid Scotch & Stout drinker. Season 2 Contestant on TBS’ King of the Nerds. Mary Kate is also currently pursuing a career with the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA for short). That’s right, not only is she an amazing cosplayer.. shes a rocket scientist. Literally. We chose Mary Kate at random from the crowd at DragonCon as part of our “Surprise you’re a calendar girl” feature we were doing in 2013. She graciously accepted and we are very grateful and blessed to have her as a Girl of the Con calendar girl.