CourtneyKissMe is a beautiful cosplay model currently living in Los Angeles, California. Courtney won her place in our calendar by winning the SMITE costume contest for best goddess, and what a lovely goddess she is wouldn’t you agree. You can visit Courtney on her facebook page or her twitter account. Courtney told us a little about herself in a short interview. Here’s what she had to say:

“”I’ve always loved dressing up, ever since I was a kid. Halloween costumes every year, sometimes Minnie Mouse, sometimes Disney princess, sometimes the pink Power Ranger two years in a row! I also grew up with costumes—dance costumes this time though. I took dance classes for 13 years from 5-18, with a costume for every class of course! I started cosplaying in October 2013 with my best friend Katsucake Cosplay and the cosplay bug bit me. I even won a contest for my Isis costume a SMITE Tournament cosplay contest in 2014! I started cosplaying video game characters, and I plan to move on to other genres like anime and music video costumes in the future!”