IN THEIR OWN WORDS: Robyn Rees & Christie Cox

We are Christie and Robyn, sisters that have been cosplaying at conventions since 2010! Our two main cons we will always attend are Megacon and Dragon Con, although we do try to throw other southeast cons into the mix when we are available as well as various renaissance faires.  Our cosplay tends to vary as much as our own interests, whether it be anime, video games, comic books, television shows, movies or even original concepts.

CHRISTIE: Hello! I’m an artist and cosplayer currently living in Orlando, FL. I’ve always enjoyed dressing up for Halloween, and after my husband introduced me to conventions, my sister suggested we start wearing costumes! It is now one of my favorite things to do, and I usually have at least one costume in the works all year!

ROBYN: I currently live in Atlanta, GA although I make the trip down to Orlando quite often to visit! As Christie mentioned, dressing up for Halloween was always a favorite time of the year for us (Halloween being my favorite holiday), so given multiple chances to dress up a year is like a dream! Conventions are pretty much holidays for us now!