IN HER OWN WORDS: LuckySevens Craftworks – Christina

LuckySevens Craftworks is a husband-and-wife team from Atlanta, Georgia who have been part of the convention scene as a duo since 2006. Liam is a graduate of SCAD who does the propwork and sculpting and Christina is a public health professional with a hobbyist background in community theatre who does the sewing and detail work. Both are active community volunteers and in the past have served as First Responders for local conventions.

They have won several regional craftsmanship awards for their work in prop fabrication and cosplay, and Mr. Lucky was recently awarded Best Overall in painting and sculpting at the Orlando qualifier for Warmachine Weekend. As children of the late 70s-early 80s, LuckySevens mainly draw their inspiration from the fantasy, goth, and sci-fi media they grew up with and certainly their biggest love is the world of wargaming and RPGs thanks to their childhood exposure to Dungeons and Dragons and good old fashioned “pen-and-paper” tabletop games.

Since 2011, Mrs. Lucky has become a local advocate for body positivity, plus-sized costuming, and anti-bullying and has hosted several panels in Atlanta along with her colleague LunaSelene on body image and healthy living for costumers in order to further the principles of acceptance and self-care within the costuming community. LuckySevens are best known for their cosplays as Pip and Seras (“Hellsing”), Matou and Saber (“Fate/Stay Night”), various Star Wars EU characters, and plan to roll out new costumes from Bioware’s “Dragon Age”, HBO’s “Game of Thrones”, Starz’s “Black Sails”, and the “Dragonlance” saga later this year for Momocon and Dragon*Con, their most loved conventions.

They can be contacted via their Facebook Page: