IN HIS OWN WORDS: Gary Lewallen

In 2008, I attended Dragon Con for the first time.  I had considered it many times, but never had time or inclination if there was time.  I had not done any real conventions like nowadays before.  A couple of minor comic conventions and perhaps a small sci-fi gathering or other type of show. I only did one day at that first Dragon Con, but I enjoyed it, and it was largely just people viewing, especially the costumers.   I decided to go more the next year, but did not consider costuming.  Actually, at that time I could not see myself doing it.  I did do a decent vampire for Halloween that year (which I have since refined & expanded). Then, six weeks before Dragon Con 2009, it struck me that I should do Dr. Strange, and I knew how to get started.  So, starting then, I gathered materials and feverishly made my Dr. Strange.  I attended Dragon*Con as the good doctor, and from then on, I was a costumer.

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