Julia Emerald is the founder of JM Props. Julia portrayed a Jedi Twi’Lek for our 2014 calendar. The images were shot on location at the “Bridge to Nowhere” in Gainesville Georgia the night of the supermoon.

With a Fine Arts degree in Sculpture and 8+years professional sculpting and mold making experience, JM Props has the skills to create armor, weapons, masks/cowls, leather-work, jewelry/small metals, and any other prop you need, as well as including LED lighting to give your piece that extra pop.

With a dedication to fine details, getting everything just right, and a product guarantee we can help you if you’re looking for a quality piece that will not only look great, but last.

(While mainly focusing on props we’re also skilled in sewing and will be happy to include garment work in a build that requires it.)
Check out the website: www.jmprops.net for examples of work and quotes.
We also post useful Building Tips. www.facebook.com/jmsprops