IN HER OWN WORDS: Dementia Von Grimm

Said to be the demi-spawn of the Old Ones, Dementia von Grimm was conjured up in Darkness (some say by the devil himself) in a small village in the Banewoods where she began her torrid love affair with all things supernatural horror. She was taken in and became the adopted daughter of poor Transylvanian sharecroppers. In recent years, she has been sighted cavorting with demons, exploiting ghostly entities, and fiendishly plotting with various nocturnal bloodthirsty creatures. These sightings have lead to a small but devout cult following to spring up around her at the various conventions she attends. Dementia spends her free time designing epic costumes, being a snarky horror snob, and generally enslaving humanity.

At least, that’s what the locals say.

Dementia’s origins are relatively unclear, but her roots in the macabre and eerie are apparent. She grew up with a closeted, but strong, fascination with the unusual. Only when she began her career in the music business as a young adult did she find like-minded with which to allow her the freedom to indulge her darker side, moonlighting as an accountant for the Republican party. Working with musicians like Marilyn Manson and Amboogalard gave her the long-sought entry into being able to openly enjoy the bizarre, and it was her foray into the nightclub entertainment industry as a performer that afforded her the opportunity to express that weirder side of herself.

For over the past decade or more, Dementia has been fortunate enough to integrate into a community where her nature is not only accepted, but embraced. Costuming. She’s been able to channel her deviance into breathing life into characters she’s long admired such as Purgatori, Morticia Addams, Snow White’s Evil Queen, Lily Munster, and her personal favorite, (which she considers her alter-ego) Dogwitch, just to name a few. Dementia has been a long-engrained member of the costuming subculture, earning her a place as the nicknamed “Cultural Attaché to the Costuming Arts”, although she sometimes has been known to take on the moniker of “The ConMother”, as well as “Spooky Empire’s Cosplay Ambassador”, depending on which voice in her head is on the controls.

When she’s not haunting the corners of a convention, Dementia is enjoying the confines of her cell, feverishly playing Words with Friends with serial killers, concocting a blend of enchanting oils to compliment her latest creation of a costuming ensemble, or just reading up on the latest on Itinerant prestidigitator puppeteers. She spends her days waiting for the term of the restraining order to end so she can convince Bruce Campbell that Burn Notice was a bad career choice. Horror movies, such as “May”, “Angel Heart”, “Serpent and the Rainbow”, and the terrifying “Cool World”, are some of the favorites she enjoys. Collecting Lovecraft artifacts and eclectic villain-themed toys are also a favorite pastime of this quirky artist. Also, a little known fact? Dementia was the uncredited Profanity Wrangler on “Snakes On A Plane”.

Even in the midst of all the horror and supernatural zeal, Dementia is still a versatile enough artist to embody a character like Catwoman or Cleopatra. The ability to adapt such iconic and well-known characters and breathe new life into it and fill those shoes is quite the accomplishment, Dementia exudes it with grace, style, and a passionate attitude that no one else could bring to those characters quite the same. She brings that same intensity to all her varied artistic endeavors in which she’s partaken over the course of her life. Dementia is always seeking to master new challenges in which to nourish her odd curiosities.

Dementia currently has a number of exploits in the making. She can be seen in the upcoming “Girls of the Finest” 2015 calendar, with proceeds going to the Wounded Warrior Project. For those that know her from her affiliation with Girls of the Con calendars, keep an eye out for her appearance in upcoming 5th anniversary shenanigans. It’s also been ascertained that she does a mean Bill Cosby impersonation.

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